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A Versatile Standing Solution with the kyBounder Plus

The unique floating feeling

A versatile version of the standard kyBounder - the kyBounder plus is water-repellent and easy to clean, and the 2cm height is designed to be used while wearing shoes
The kyBounder Plus is a springy, soft and supple standing mattress designed for daily use. Its reactive material allows the foot to sink in deep and springs right back to its original position - creating a unique floating sensation. It’s like an active memory foam for the feet. The kyBounder Plus encourages the body to constantly make small movements in order to maintain balance and posture. This rebounding effect causes the muscles to tense and relax reciprocally, exercising the muscles in your feet, legs and core. The kyBounder Plus improves your balance, coordination and all-round core fitness without taking up any extra time at all.

Benefits and effects

  • No time wasted - works while you stand doing other things
  • Exercises your muscles - from feet to core
  • Relaxes your back - reduces strain from sitting with poor posture
  • Kind on the joints - soft and supple
  • Improves posture - works core and stabilizing muscles
  • Reduces fatigue - blood circulation is increased
  • More effective - than other "anti-fatigue" mats or therapy mats (see study)
  • Water repellent - easily wipe to clean
  • Versatile - can be used in the bathroom of kitchen
  • With shoes - the 2cm height is designed for wearing shoes

From passive sitting to active standing

The negative effects of prolonged sitting are now widely known. In fact, studies have linked prolonged sitting and increased mortality. The kyBounder Plus is the easy way to make the change from sitting to standing during your day.
So whether you are doing the ironing or working on the computer, the kyBounder Plus is fun to stand on and makes everyday life more active. Even professional sports-people use the soft, springy mat to exercise and recover faster after exercise.

Use the kyBounder: At Home  At Work  At School  In One's Prime  For Therapy  For Sports
Exercise on the kyBounder: see exercise here

What thickness should I choose?

The 2cm water-resistant kyBounder Plus is suitable for use with shoes.

The basic principle: the thicker the kyBounder Plus, the more intensive the exercise will be.

  1. kyBounder Plus 2 cm (0.8”) – Standard kyBounder effect for standing for long periods on hard floors while wearing shoes
  2. kyBounder Plus 4 cm (1.6”) – Medium kyBounder effect, providing additional exercise while standing; for use without shoes
  3. kyBounder Plus 6 cm (2.3“) – Max kyBounder effect for exercise for general everyday use; for use without shoes


kyBounder Plus is is available in Silver


  • Foam: Open-Celled Polyurethane
  • Cover: 97 % PVC / 3 % PU


  1. 46 x 46 cm (18.1” x 18.1”) - Ideally suited for locations where one stands in place for longer periods of time in: at home, at the workplace, at school.
  2. 46 x 96 cm (18.1” x 37.8”) - This size is perfect for workbenches, or counters in shops, post offices or banks.

Which cleaning agents should be used on the kyBounder plus?

We recommend the following for cleaning the upper material of the kyBounder:

This sort of material can usually be cleaned with hydro-alcoholic solutions (denatured alcohol and water), with the usual degreasing agents based on alcohol, water or neutral soaps that are available in supermarkets or simply with water and neutral soap.

Never use surface cleaning agents such as toluene, DMF, acetone, ketone, turpentine, benzene, diesel and alike.

Additional Safety information:
The polyurethane foams fulfil the requirements in terms of human ecology according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100, product class 2 for products with skin contact, a
s well as the American standard regarding the amount of lead (total) in children’s products according the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA).